Products - GPS Receivers

Trimble AG25 GNSS

The Trimble AG25 GNSS antenna is a high-performance multiband GNSS antenna in a single rugged housing which makes it ideal for agriculture applications.
The AG25 has been designed with the challenging agricultural environment in mind, where every satellite counts. This helps the user to track and lock onto lower elevation satellites, while maintaining a stronger signal to noise ratio.
The AG25 follows Trimble Agriculture's continued effort to provide our users with the latest in GNSS technology. The AG25 GNSS antenna is an ideal complement to any of the Trimble Agriculture receivers, lightbars, and displays that incorporate Transcend technology. Transcend is a Trimble proprietary positioning technology that provides users with a family of high accuracy and flexible solutions for the most challenging applications and environments.

Trimble Ag162

The Trimble AgGPS 162 receiver provides DGPS information to precision agriculture equipment that accepts NMEA data. Radar speed output allows users to control their variable rate controllers without additional speed indicators. The rugged housing and SBAS accuracy make the 162 receiver a suitable and economical option for a wide range of applications. It is designed for yield monitoring or field mapping and is Autopilot™ system compatible. The 162 receiver is a combined antenna and GPS L1 receiver capable of SBAS corrections.

Trimble Ag262

The Trimble® AgGPS® 262 receiver is the next generation of innovative high performance GPS receivers.
The AgGPS 262 enables revolutionary GPS technology by providing the first WAAS/EGNOS, OmniSTAR VBS, OmniSTAR HP, and RTK GPS receiver in a rugged, all-in-one, smart antenna design. The result is a system that provides a true investment that will grow with any agricultural operation.
The AgGPS 262 receiver is for agricultural users requiring any level of positional performance. It provides a high performance 12-channel GPS engine, with state of the art ionosphere and troposphere models that reduce positional error in any environment. The L1/L2 smart antenna design allows flexibility so you can choose any differential source without making costly hardware upgrades. Operate in Real Time Kinematic (RTK) mode and positions are computed using robust processing techniques tailored to provide highly accurate solutions. Real Time DGPS mode uses WAAS/EGNOS or an OmniSTAR VBS or HP subscription service. Utilization of sub-meter and decimeter solutions enables continued operation without a local base station providing service to a wide area without productivity loss, and improving efficiency.
With multiple accuracy options available, the AgGPS 262 suits a variety of application needs-providing the ultimate autosteering system when used with the AgGPS Autopilot system.Consistency, pass after pass, eliminates the need for costly and deliberate conventional row crop preparation techniques. And use of the AgGPS 262 can help even the best operators perform critical applications such as listing, bedding, and planting throughout the day and night.
  • High performance GPS, WAAS/EGNOS, OmniSTAR VBS, OmniSTAR HP, and RTK receiver
  • All-in-one low profile smart antenna design
  • Capable of multiple accuracy levels to fit your operation's needs: sub-meter, decimeter, and centimeter level real-time positioning operation
  • Accuracy upgrade without the need for hardware enhancement or replacement
  • Enables repeatable year-to-year row crop operation
  • Flexibility to utilize WAAS, EGNOS, or OmniSTAR VBS or HP solutions when out of range of an RTK base station
  • Very portable unit-designed for easy transfer from one vehicle to another
  • Updates via web ensure continued product enhancement