Products - RTK Radios

Trimble Ag900 Radio

Rugged, multi-network 900 MHz radio. The Trimble® AgGPS® 900 radio provides a robust radio link for real-time, high-precision RTK GPS agricultural applications. This radio is designed specifically to work with the Trimble AgGPS 252 GPS receiver, making the combination perfect for use with Trimble AgGPS Autopilot™ automated steering systems. This rugged radio is ideal for all AgGPS machine applications where reliability and a low-profile design are important.
The robust AgGPS 900 radio is dust, rain, and spray resistant, making it reliable even in the harshest of agricultural conditions. Built-to-last reliability coupled with the easy to read LED status indicators means every minute in the field is productive. The AgGPS 900 radio is the perfect rugged radio for real-time GPS applications.
This versatile radio operates in the frequency range of 902-928 MHz, and it's certified for license-free operation (License-free in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). This makes it an extremely portable system that can be moved across multiple fields without restrictive licensing hassles. With increased sensitivity and jamming immunity the AgGPS 900 radio is designed to operate reliably in demanding Radio Frequency (RF) environments where many other products and technologies just can't cope.
The AgGPS 900 radio has error correction, and a high speed data rate, ensuring maximum performance all day every day.
The AgGPS 252 receiver and AgGPS 900 radio combination provides a highly accurate, reliable and rugged RTK solution for your requirements, saving you valuable time in the field.
  • Rugged, low-profile design suitable for all agriculture applications
  • Highly reliable even in the most demanding RF environments
  • Optimized for maximum GPS performance
  • Versatile, with a frequency range that can receive real-time data used by Trimble GPS receivers

Trimble SNB900 Repeater Radio

Rugged, multi-channel 900MHz Radio for mobile and repeater RTK corrections.
The all-around SNB900 radio can be used as an external base station, repeater or rover radio. It offers a number of outstanding features and benefits for all off-machine applications.
Designed for reliable operation in demanding RF environments and optimized for GPS with increased sensitivity and jamming immunity, the SNB900 radio also features error correction, and a high-speed data rate to ensure maximum performance.
The SNB900 radio is ideal for all GPS machine control applications where reliability is critical. This rugged unit is fully sealed against dust, rain, splash, and spray for optimal reliability in all weather conditions to minimize downtime and lower overall operating costs.
Feature Benefit
Internal battery delivers 10+ hours of standalone operation and uninterruptible power supply capability Works more than a full day on a single charge. If connected to an external power supply and the power goes down, it will switch to battery operation with no downtime
Internal display and keyboard with simple user interface Allows rapid configuration without the need for a PC or controller
Display feedback on status and troubleshooting Allows simple correction and restart if a problem arises
900MHz operation Provides license-free operation in certain countries
Multi-networkfrequency hopping spread spectrum Reduces jamming or network interference
Base, repeater or rover mode of operation Reduces product inventory and provides more flexible operation