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Trimble TMX-2050 Display

The Trimble® TMX-2050 display lets you work even smarter. Take control of your entire operation with a system that gives you the clarity, certainty, and connectivity you need. Because your business is too important to leave to chance.
The rugged TMX-2050 display has a large 12.1" high-definition touch screen with sharp visuals and a bigger, clearer image. Built on the Android operating system, the flexible platform integrates into to your operation samlessly, and the intuitive interface makes it easy for both beginner and advanced users to easily implement precision agriculture solutions. Modular architecture allows future expandability. And if you need to switch vehicles, it's literally a snap, with a quick mount and single-cable connection. View different mapping layers, such as coverage, speed, and applied rate. Manage your field directly from the display with the Field Manager view-showing fields, AB lines, and boundary information all in one easy-to-access screen.
The TMX-2050 display provides instant access to the Connected Farm dashboard-a central location to view the information that impacts you, such as weather forecasts and rainfall, commodity prices, and fleet management information. The display provides real-time data, so you can optimize operator performance and guarantee equipment security.
  • Large 12.1" high-definition color touch-screen display
  • Tablet-like interface with customizable run screen, allowing users to move and turn widgets on/off to meet their needs
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use, meeting demands in harsh environments
  • One integrated GNSS receiver
  • Easy transferability between vehicles

Trimble AgGPS FmX Integrated Display

The Trimble® AgGPS® Autopilot™ automated steering system with FmX™ integrated display provides one-inch repeatability from plant to harvest with any field pattern, and extends your operating hours with incredible precision. The FmX integrated display offers the ultimate in upgradability. With its dual integrated GPS plus GLONASS receivers and 900 or 450 MHz radios, easily add the FieldLevel II system, the TrueTracker™ system and implement monitoring functionality to an AgGPS Autopilot system.
The AgGPS® FmX™ integrated display gives you the best performance and reliability with the industry leading dual GPS plus GLONASS receivers. Capable of handling everything you need in guidance, steering, mapping from the touch of your fingers, the AgGPS FmX integrated display is the affordable choice to adopt as technology needs change.
  • 35% LARGER SCREEN - Better visibility from a brighter and larger 12.1 in. / 30.73 cm. screen
  • VIRTUAL LIGHTBAR - A virtual lightbar gives you quick on-line feedback
  • CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE - Toggle between plan and 3D views or zoom in/out with just a tap of your finger
  • EXTERNAL LIGHTBARS - Optional CAN lightbars can be attached to the display or mounted separately
  • DUAL RECEIVERS - Two GPS plus GLONASS receivers-precision with the vehicle, as well as the working implement behind the tractor where it really matters
  • OUR MOST VERSATILE DISPLAY - The AgGPS FmX integrated display supports every application offered by Trimble

Trimble AgGPS CFX-750 Display

The CFX-750 display is the newest touchscreen display from Trimble offering affordable guidance, steering and precision agriculture funtionality. Use the CFX-750 display to maximize your efficiency when planting, spraying, spreading and strip tilling by adding Trimble's Field-IQ crop input control system, and upgrading to receive GLONASS satellites.
  • Touchscreen - Easy to use 8" color touchscreen
  • GLONASS - Upgrade to receive GLONASS satellites and increase your satellite availability to extend your operating hours
  • Visual Guidance - 27 bright LED lights give you quick on-line feedback in any light conditions
  • Section Control - Save seed and input costs by controlling up to 48 individual rows with the Field-IQ crop input control system and easy to install Tru Count clutches
  • Rate Control - Control your rate when planting, spraying, spreading and strip tilling with the Field-IQ crop input control system and Rawson™ variable rate drive
  • Variable Rate Application - Import field prescriptions for precise VRA control in order to more accurately apply crop inputs
  • Camera Compatibility - View up to two live video images on screen and monitor parts of your implement that are not visible from the cab
  • Reporting - Transfer your day's coverage to your computer using the built-in USB port or wirelessly using Connected Farm from Farm Works.