Services - RTK Network

Trimble AgGPS® RTK base stations provide reliable +/- one inch pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy for agricultural vehicles that are using the AgGPS Autopilot™ automated steering system. Producers around the world have two options for obtaining an RTK correction signal - mobile base stations set up in the field and transported from farm to farm, or a permanent readily available signal from an established RTK Network.
If you are considering owning your own base station, consider these facts about mobile bases. They are time consuming, easily stolen, a maintenance liability, lacking in precision accuracy, and susceptible to interference. For about half the cost of a mobile base station you can become a member of SPPA's extensive network and enjoy the rewards of hassle free RTK guidance. The South Plains Precision Ag RTK Network is the largest contiguous Trimble network in the world. We pioneered the concept of RTK networks in 2003 and continue adding coverage every year. Check out the map and see how extensive our coverage really is.

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