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Infrared Imaging

With the skyrocketing costs of fuel, fertilizers, chemicals, water, and seeds, the only way to survive and make a profit in farming is to more efficiently manage our operations. The goal is to reduce crop inputs while at the same time maintaining or even increasing crop yields and/or qualities. Infrared Imagery enables variable rate seed, fertilizer and chemical application and the total cost of these applications can be significantly reduced while also improving yield.
Infrared imaging is the technique of acquiring information about crop growth conditions within a field over a distance. For example, to the left is a processed image (Color-coded) of a cotton field taken during the growing season. Green represents dense and healthy cotton plants, while red represents sparse and stressed plants. Since plants grow differently in different parts of the field, there is no reason to apply the same amount of chemicals in the whole field. We may need to apply more plant growth regulators and harvest aids in the dense crop area than in the sparse and stressed crop area. In this way, the total amount and cost of chemical applications can be significantly reduced.

South Plains Precision Ag, Inc. owns an infrared camera equipped airplane to fly over your fields and shoot images as needed. We have highly trained staff and the most advanced software packages to analyze your images. More importantly, we are able to give you specific instructions on how to use these images for applying plant growth regulator, harvest aids, and other chemicals in a site-specific manner. As you choose your provider for these services, be careful that you get advice from an independent source. SPPA does not sell chemicals or crop aids and can therefore make recommendations based on an unbiased interpretation of the data.