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AGRIplan Cotton Stripper Yield Monitors

AGRIplan Cotton Yield Monitoring system is the newest state-of-the-art product that changes the way you manage your cotton production.
It helps identify low and high yielding areas in your fields. It calculates your income, cost per acre and it also assists in selecting a corrective action. It improves productivity. GPS technology and computing tools have already changed the way you manage your farm business. The AGRIplan cotton yield monitor for cotton strippers is the latest yield monitoring tool available today to help improve your bottom line. With AGRIplan you can print yield maps of your fields, calculate actual income per acre, monitor the financial contribution of your fertilizers and chemicals inputs and determine where they are most effective. You can compare the performance of one part of any field with another or fields from other farms. With yield maps at hand you can find out which of your fields have high yield variability. These are the ones with the greatest possibility for yield improvement. With a yield monitoring system installed on your stripper you can shorten the evaluation of crop varieties and the effectiveness of chemicals and fertilizers. Having yield maps and a detailed records of your farm operation you can participate in a number of agriculture information services (offered by third party companies). Such services identify the most successful farming practices. The AGRIplan displays and records yield on the-go, every second during harvest. It also calculates and reports the total weight of your cotton in the basket, stripped from a field, or from the beginning of the day or Season. With a differentially corrected Global Positioning receiver (DGPS) attached, accurately recorded yield data can be used to generate yield maps. The maps can be displayed in the stripper during harvest on the HarvestPC display/computer. The recorded data can be transferred to your office PC for printing maps.
The AG850 is using the PalmPC to display and record the yield information. The PalmPC controls the operation of the system and must be in use during harvest.
AGRIplan yield monitoring systems contain optical flow sensors, a cab mounted central processing unit a DGPS, and an Interface Unit. The Ag850 also uses a PalmPC (pocket computer). The optical flow sensors employ electro-optical detecting components which continuously monitor and estimate the weight of the cotton as it exits the cleaner. The sensors transmit the data to the central processing unit via the interconnecting cable. The central processing and display unit, collects and stores yield and GPS position information, calculates and displays momentary and average yield, and generates a yield map, on-the-go (Ag850 only). The yield data together with the system performance and diagnostic information can be transferred to the office PC for mapping, analysis and reports. The systems components can be installed by the operator assisted by an AGRIPLAN dealer or a technical representative. The sensors are mounted over special openings cut on the stripper chute. No interfaces to the stripper's systems are required. Following the installation (or at the beginning of the season) the operator performs system calibration. The typical installation and setup takes about a half day to complete.